A sustainable tomatoblend
according to the highest quality standards.


Sustainability is a top priority at Greenblend as well as for the participating growers. For instance, many Greenblend growers generate their own electricity by means of combined heat and power (CHP), meaning that the greenhouses are becoming increasingly energy-efficient. Diseases and infestations are prevented using organic crop protection methods. And lastly, all the water used for cultivation is reused. In contrast to industrial cultivation in other countries, these techniques enable us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. This same cultivation method is used for tomatoes in our tomato blend, thereby clearly setting them apart from conventional tomato pulp. Nowhere else in the world is a sustainable end product of this type made on a comparable scale.

No waste

Greenblend interprets the concept of ‘no waste’ in two ways. On the one hand, it entails that nothing is lost during the production of our tomato blend. This means that one kilogram of tomatoes really does make one litre of tomatoblend– with no water added. On the other hand, ‘no waste’ signifies that we have found a high-quality use for any surplus tomatoes during seasonal peaks. Thanks to the tomato blend, we are able to create added value for our products as well as the entire chain.