Greendblend sets itself apart
through innovation and top quality.

About Greenblend

Greenblend is a young company specialised in processing freshly harvested tomatoes into a high-value tomatoblend for use in industry and the catering sector. This tomatoblend sets itself apart from industrially produced tomato pulp in the way that it only contains full-flavoured tomatoes that are also sold as a fresh consumer product and cultivated according to Dutch quality standards.

Greenblend has a track record in the agri-food industry thanks to its extensive knowledge of the agricultural sector and its many years of collaboration with fruit vegetable growers. As a result of its innovative production processes and top-quality tomatoes, Greenblend is able to stand out in the market for processed tomatoes.

The sales activities for our tomatoblend take place at Harvest House growers’ association.

Harvest House

Harvest House is one of the Netherlands’ largest growers’ associations specialising in fruit vegetables. Harvest House’s 69 fruit vegetable growers together cover an area totalling more than 820 hectares in which they cultivate different varieties of tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, and courgettes. Harvest House growers are innovative and grow with gusto. By investing in innovations and large projects, which include developing the tomatoblend and setting up a state-of-the-art production facility, growers are able to join forces and add more value to the chain.

Managing the chain

Through very close collaboration with various parties, Harvest House aims to manage the entire fruit vegetable growing chain starting from seed houses, cultivation, packaging, and going right through to sales. As Harvest House and Greenblend are now active in processing products, they occupy a new area within the chain as a whole. Through their management of the supply chain, the two enterprises are not only able to advise their partners about all stages of the process, but can also react flexibly to developments in the market. Thanks to the production of the tomato blend, both parties are able to offer a top-quality product which satisfies all quality-related criteria and is also completely traceable within the chain.