A sustainable tomatoblend
according to the highest quality standards.


Guaranteed top quality is one of Greenblend’s core values. As food safety and traceability play an essential role in ensuring this quality, Greenblend maintains a stringent food safety policy on the basis of a self-audit system for risk management according to the HACCP approach. This system guarantees food safety in all steps of the process.

Work in the greenhouses also takes place according to the strictest food safety standards. Alongside this, the process of growing, harvesting, and transporting the tomatoes within 24 hours to the production location is performed in line with Dutch quality standards. Once the tomatoes have arrived in Greenblend’s production location, they are in an entirely closed and controlled production process.


We monitor both the unprocessed and processed product throughout the production chain. Thanks to this approach, all tomatoes used for our tomatoblend can be traced back to the participating growing companies. We benefit from close contact with seed companies and growers, so we can select the best taste tomatoes for our tomato blend.