A tomatoblend with a constant taste profile year-round.

The product

Our tomatoblend is a pure product derived from high-quality produce. The tomatoblend does not contain any artificial additives and consists exclusively of tomatoes grown according to Dutch quality standards. These standards are leading in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Dutch growers are frontrunners when it comes to water management, energy saving, and the use of organic crop protection methods. In contrast to conventional tomato pulp, only fresh and high-quality full-flavoured tomatoes go into our tomato blend. These full-flavoured tomatoes, usually sold on the consumer market, originate from a controlled cultivation environment. Because many of our growers employ artificial lighting, we can supply the tomatoblend year round and with a constant taste profile.

Thanks to our management of the chain, the tomatoes used in the blend are completely traceable to the participating parties. In light of this, our not only tastes delicious, but is also transparent in the way it is produced.

We guarantee

  • Pure product
  • Sustainably produced
  • Free of artificial additives
  • Dutch-quality tomatoes
  • Traceable to the participating growing companies
  • Not just pulp but a tomatoblend


In terms of its industrial use, Greenblend’s tomatoblend is the ideal base for a large range of applications. As a top-quality base sauce, it can be used as the base for products such as pizzas and in pasta dishes. The product is filled aseptically and packaged in drums. And because the production facility is situated in Greenpack’s distribution centre, the drums can be pelletised immediately, ready to be dispatched to the customer.


Our sets itself apart from conventional tomato pulp through its taste and texture. This makes the blend particularly well-suited for use in the food and catering industries, which really appreciate its exceptional taste. Our bag-in-box principle involving aseptic bags makes the blend ideal for use in the out-of-home segment. Not only do the aseptic bags save in terms of storage space, it also ensures that the tomatoblend stays fresh and maintains its naturally red colouration.

It is currently possible to produce the following packaging for industry and foodservice:

  • Aseptic bag 2 × 10 kg* per box
  • Aseptic bag 1 × 20 kg* per box
  • Aseptic bak 215 kg* per drum
    (*subject to change)