The modern food studio of Greenblend offers a variety of cooking facilities for workshops and demonstrations.

Greenblend Food studio

The food studio is equipped with high-end equipment and kitchen tools for a great cooking experience. The studio is spacious and is set up with various presentation options making use of the latest audiovisual techniques.
The food studio is an innovative food centre in the heart of the cultivation world. Close to the source and based in one of Europe’s largest and most advanced packaging and distribution centres for fruit and vegetables.

Greenblend tasting and experiencing

In the food studio, clients and other visitors can experience the possibilities offered by the Greenblend tomato blend. A professional chef prepares various dishes and demonstrates in an inspiring way how versatile the tomato blend is. Naturally, the preparation is always followed by tasting.

Professional chefs

The food studio also offers professional chefs facilities for special projects. The studio has a professional kitchen including a chef’s kitchen island with six rings, a gas oven, a combination microwave-steam oven, a 130-litre tilting kettle with stirrer, a griddle, and two mirror-image kitchen islands each with ten rings and a gas oven. The studio is available for hire by professional chefs per half day.
For further information and conditions, please contact Dennis Hartman at [email protected].